Zoom lens portraits - Post Your Best!


50D | 1/200 | ISO100 | Sigma 10-20 F4-5.6 EX DC | f/14 | 20mm
3x speedlight using Yongnuo RF603C trigger and receivers (non HSS) through a 36in shoot through umbrella
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Sun from camera right, strobe & modifier near camera. Nice lighting.

Thank you

I was using 2 strobes for that photos. Both of them were diffused and about 2.3 m apart from the model. Can’t use full power because its already afternoon, therefore that shadow couldn’t be from the strobes but possibly from the sun.

This one used one strobe only

5D3 16-35 f4L speed 1/1250 f4 iso100

Looks like the 2 strobes produced diffused shadows, while the rest of the ground was lit by the strobes. The sun shadow is separate on the left. Indeed nice lighting!:giggle:
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