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Manners Maketh Man
5 Nov 2023
No idea what I am voting for.....

(tempt poll, will be deleted)
I have no idea what would have been asked of me if I had said "yes." So the answer is "no" until I find out what is behind the poll.
I try to never say yes to anything until I'm sure it will benefit me.

If ivver tha does owt fer nowt allus do it fer thissen as they say back home :)
I supposed this is for testing purposes, right?
So far the two that voted 'no' got banned. We only want good vibes in this forum.


It was for testing purpose but others seem to be having fun with this poll so I kept it hehe.
Galahad is correct. I voted "no" and I was banned. I also had to swear that I'd never do it again and give up my keys to the FoP break room and lounge for one week. After that, I was let back into the forum.
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