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13 Nov 2023
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Every week we select a new theme, and then go out and shoot that theme. This week the theme is Bugs. As always be as imaginative/creative as you like when interpreting the theme, creativity is what we're looking for.

Show us some Bugs, any kind and try your best to tell us the name/kind of bug and its' proper name if possible.
I'm not classifying the Bugs, so any little critter will be considered a Bug if it's not a mammal or reptile or a fish or a bird (you get it , right?).

Here are the rules:

  • Because this activity is supposed to encourage us to get out and shoot, please don't post old shots from your archives.
  • Shots need to be taken between Tuesday, after the new theme is posted and the following Monday by sunset (Whenever that is for you).
  • Snapshots and art are equally welcome -- just get out & shoot, and then share!
  • Post your shots at any time during the week.
  • Please abide by the Focus on Photography posting rules
Thatā€™s it! Have fun! As always be as imaginative/creative as you like when interpreting the theme, creativity is what we're looking for.

An Index to Previous weeks can be found here : WORLDWIDE PHOTO WEEK

That's it!

Have fun!
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Wow, Mikbone, that is pretty spectacular.. some sort of Olympic synchronized eating!
Great contribution .. with all the boxes checked! (y)
Spotted this about 2 feet from where I sit at the computer. The little Oly was nearby and given very poor lighting conditions I used the flash. Not a great shot but after one try I gave it a free glass & card ride to the great outdoors. Best guess is: Agroeca brunnea. Since that is mainly found in Europe it may be something closely related.

Larva (sawfly, I think) on raspberry. I check berries for bugs before bringing them inside. Then I rinse them under running water. Somehow this creature escaped inspection. It was refrigerated overnight but was quite active when it warmed up.

I'm about to assume that all bugs in my area are dead.. My plants are fried after too many days of 118Ā° - 124Ā° heat.. going on 3 weeks .
We finally had the smallest amount of tropical rain yesterday (yes it is Monsoon season) and the temps dropped to a pleasant 97Ā°.
We are awaiting more thunder storms, with high humidity and normal temps (107Ā°)

And now there are reports of hail!! :oops:
Was actually photographing an individual florette cluster on a Cow Parsnip plant and spotted this guy. Fair bit of cropping as I was dealing with wind which can really mess up focus if you get too close and the subject moves between focus and release.YellowSpider.jpg
So you've got a Crab Spider (Misumena vatia)..
Funny because, it comes up on the same/similar flowers as yours..

Don't y'all use Google Image Search?
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