Where am I now? (WAIN game)


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19 Nov 2023
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Guess the location of the posted picture and WIN.
This game requires a post of a landscape/locational style photo.
For example post a picture of a notable bridge, park, etc. Viewers will then guess at the location/identity of the picture by asking questions. The winner will post the next photo.

Hints are encouraged to keep interest and the game progressing. Suggested hints may be narrowing in local for example: hemisphere, continent, country, state or providence, city, etc. Or: cold, warm, warmer...

Simple rules:

Photos should generally be taken by you. In exceptional circumstances, public domain images may be posted.

If there is no response after 48 hours, the game is open for anyone to post a new photo.

Photos should have a reasonable amount of identifiable content. Avoid pictures of the bottom side of a picnic table.

Photos should be from a public location. No way can we guess the location of a picture of the inside of a dog house!

Have fun, keep it light!
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I'm on my phone and downloaded one of my pics on my cloud but have no idea of its size.i can't remember if I resized it. I'll check on my PC later on, but here you go for now.Screenshot_20231118_150543_Photos.jpg
two "nopes" right there. the Equator is a very general area, could be one of several continents ( even though this is not on the Equator.)

i will accept the name of the largest major city to this place in the image.
I mentioned equator as a way to narrow down the location a bit more which would rule out 95% of the rest of the planet if the answer was on the equator. That’s a method that’s been practiced in this game for a decade. Guessing whole continents or hemispheres - getting them wrong or right is another example of narrowing.
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