Uploading Issue

No problems here. Wish I had an answer.
all of a sudden, i'm getting an upload error to the site. i double checked, all my settings are the same(images are saved at 1600px as usual)
Error says the file is too large, not the image size. Have you tried reducing the file size to see if that works?
Some of my files are rejected as too big here that work fine at POTN. Sam (WC Birder) looked into it and found that the sample file I sent him really was too big. The problem is KB/MB size, not pixel count. My computer sometimes misreports the results of compression. I can't fix that.

An example: https://focus-on-photography-forum.net/threads/post-your-minimal-photos.249/#post-8123
(not the sample Sam analyzed)
For the full-size color version, 1300 x 954 px, Little Mackie says 707 KB, well under the maximum set in Focus's control room.
We've set the max weight of a file to 1.6MB. That is more than sufficient for most images. However, if you drag it into Focus you can go way above that because it then uses a proxy and the file gets downsized. Not sure why that is not working right now for BirdsofBC. We have no error reports, nothing.
I don't upload there(POTN), never have. I've only linked from my website, or Flickr sometimes.

anyways, no worries. I figure it out.
What exactly did you figure out? Might be helpful for others who are having similar problems.
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