To adjust the photo size to the window

No, agreed, it is not ideal. Xenforo is working on a big update of the software and one of the things that should work better is image resizing and the lightbox. Let's hope we won't have to wait long for that update.
I had to go looking for this thread. Not easy when you don't know what any of this stuff is called. I've been trying to grok why "Lightbox" (I now know the name) works on some images and not on others. Sounds like maybe no one knows.

I upload all my horizontal images at 1200px, long edge, and verticals at 1000px. The verticals always overrun the browser page and can never access Lightbox. But even horizontals are hit and miss.

In this thread:
I posted 2 images. The first is 1200 x 869 and gets access to Lightbox. The second is 1200 x 800 and is displayed statically. Same monitor, same resolution, same thread, same post, same size.

Not looking for answers here. Reading through the previous posts it sounds like it's an underdeveloped (and IMHO, too complex) feature from the vendor. I like the Lightbox feature. I'd turn it on by default for all images. I was hoping somebody knew the rules so that I could play by them. Sounds like no one does at this point.
It's like I said before, Ken, definitely related to image size and in relation to the size/resolution of the screen.

Not sure though how that works exactly as results on a big screen are inconsistent. But on small devices like my iPad an iPhone all attachments open in the lightbox.

This workaround still works though (although it is a PITA):
There is a workaround though and that is to make your browser window smaller than the width of the narrowest images on the page. Then you will get all hands. Or if it's just one image on a page, make your browser window small, refresh the page and you will get the hand. Then just make your browser window large again, the hand will stay. It's not exactly ideal, but it is a workaround.

There's a lot of complaining about the lightbox on the Xenforo forum. They tell us the next update will see much improvement. That update is expected this year.
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