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15 Nov 2023
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Post photos of a musical instruments.
Mule Resophonic Mavis

The heel of that neck has a second piece layered making it twice as thick as normal. Does the wood go the length of the tin, making it more stable and essentially a little like a semi-hollow?
I don’t know, but I’d bet it does.
Electric guitar players tend to show off their guitars, giving shorter shrift to the sound chain downstream. In my opinion, after the fingers, the next most important element of the sound isn't the guitar. It's on the opposite end at the speaker.

Here are my three hand-wired tube amps--all mongrels. All three originated as kit versions of vintage Fender tube circuits. The one in black tolex on the amp stand is a blackface princeton reverb with 12" speaker. At left is a tweed princeton with 12" speaker in solid wood enclosure. And the little guy in the Champion 600 enclosure is actually a tweed champ circuit with an 8" speaker.

The pedals are there for the demonstration of foundational sound, not as a collection. I like to cascade two lower gain overdrive pedals into each other for dynamics in any amp (sitting atop the champ). I modded the Boss SD-1 (atop the tweed princeton) using fingernail clippers to remove the C6 capacitor (I think it's C6)--that opens up the treble to sound more like a tube screamer (a good match with the princeton reverb). Crank the amp gain, reduce the guitar volume, then adjust guitar volume to add dirt if desired.

The furry thing at bottom left is the amp cover for the champ. No, it really is.

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