The Moon

Thanks Dennis, I did wonder - but it seemed too far away compared to the app I was using!
No worries, the celestial view I posted above was as it would have looked from Brisbane at the local time I set, so the view from your place at your local time would look slightly different.

These were taken through my Celestron C9.25 Edge HD telescope at the primary focus using a Player ONE Saturn SQR mono CMOS camera. The telescope has a 235mm dia mirror at F10 which gives a FL=2350mm.

The crops are the best 25% from 5000 frame movie files processed using Autostakkert!3, Wavesharp and PS CC.

The conditions were not very good with thin low cloud, a low Moon and unstable atmospherics from a tropical cyclone building up off the E coast.


20_49_19_lapl5_ap609_WS Crop 1600 B.jpg

20_56_52_lapl5_ap572_WS Crop 1600 B.jpg
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