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5D Classic, I have a EF 35-80 I picked up somewhere and decided this might be a good lens to leave on the 5D most times for just walking around. I wanted something lightweight like the 50mm nifty fifty, which I also have put on the 5D (after all I used a 50mm on my Pentax Spotmatic for 4 years in the Navy). I have heard that the 35-80 is soft and poor contrast and not worth it. So far with the few shots I have taken with it I am not disappointed with it. Yes it is a consumer lens but it is light weight and along with the 50mm make a good toss it in the car kit. I also have an EF 35mm and 85mm to use on it. The closeup of the 4x5's is just a zoom on the main shot with no extra processing or sharpening.

shot with the 5Dc and 35-80

Unfortunately my back display went all wonky today. Image reviews had lots of distortion - I hoped it was just the display and not the images. Fortunately, just the display...

Happy to report my display is fine... It was all distorted while outside in 1 Celsius (34F) weather... I just popped the CF card back in and all is well.
This was such a great camera. I had a 40D at the time and bought the 5Dc in 2012 used for very little money and was blown away by the files. They were so beautiful. I shot birds with it for 6 months or so. Mostly with the EF 300/4L and the 1.4xTC. A great combo. AF was not bad at all I thought, but it was slow and there was shutter lag, so I then bought a 1DIIN for my birds. But the 5D was used for everything else. I still love how the images look. You can see it in this thread too.

Grey Heron


Not the same bird…

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