Spooky, moody, dark, creepy, nightmarish, evocations of misadventure, etc.


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19 Nov 2023
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There was a thread on POTN in this same vein, but it was in the People sub-forum. I think it might be better here. It didn't get much traffic there, but maybe someone else will play along.

This is a broad category. Straightforward, experimental, theatrical, accidental, etc. Make it simple or highly developed. Just see that you play with the viewer's mind, or make the neck hair stand on end, evoke misadventures or nightmares, or, better yet, make even Halloween crawl beneath the bed in fear. No rainbow and puppy dog good vibes here. Obviously, keep it within forum rules. You can still be creepy without getting banned.

I'll begin with an older image of mine that I purposefully set up to strike a certain psychological mood.

I´m delighted if I was able to bring back good memories. :cool:

Poor Old Sean O'Cold....​

Or S O'Cold for short... I told him not to take his Guinness into the darkroom, but would he listen?

Shot for another Forum's Competition way back in 2011, the theme "Soooo Cold."

Perhaps the Creepiest Selfie I've ever taken.


Reminds me of something my Chemistry Teacher at school put up on the board to discourage people taking food into the laboratories...

"Seen on a gravestone in this parish....

Here lies a Chemistry Student,
They Found Him on the Floor
For what he Thought was H20
Was H2SO4"
^^^ If you stare at the picture long enough, say 30 seconds or more, you might notice that the crib moves a little to the left all on it's own, ever so slightly.

EDIT: Oh my, so does the stick in the background that is behind the high chair. :yikes:
I like how the baby accoutrements are everything. Little blather apart from that is present. That's what makes it evocative.
Your new avatar is interesting. Is it posted elsewhere? Damn, I don't care. I'm just passing time as rockets strafe by. And I always liked your old one on POTN.
I'm pretty sure it was posted in a thread at some point on POTN. I haven't picked up my camera in a few months, so it's nice having a new forum where I can dig into the archives and post "new" photos!
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