SOLAR - Show us your images of our sun

I normally use the Canon RF 800mm f/11 for Sun and Moon shots, but since I'm planning to use the RF 100-400 for the eclipse in April, I wanted to practice with that. The shorter FL is so I can fit the entire corona in the FOV at totality.

I also tried processing this shot differently than the one in post #10, to reduce the darkening around the rim. This is a 100% crop from the Canon R7.

I was too lazy to drive to where I could see the sun without trees being in the way so I just set up in my den out the window.

This filter I used is a Baader and shows the areas around the sunspots with better definition than the one that came with the scope. Not too much going on but a nice Group about the 11 oclock position.
These are single photos, not stacked. This scope tracks the sun fantastically and I will be using it for the eclipse in April

1707161460268 copy.jpg1707164383618 copy.jpg
Great shots! I need to get out and practice for the eclipse. In 2017 I drove from central Ohio down to Kentucky and it was a nightmare getting home. Now I have the pleasure of viewing from my own backyard.
I will be doing the observatory program in RI again, last time we had 85% coverage and 400 people, this time we are expecting 91% and not advertising since most of our members are going to see totality so really no one to help at the observatory
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