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During my time as a Pro, I also had an obsession with competing in and attending Ultimate (the team Frisbee game) Tournaments. This image is from the 1990 Ultimate National Championships' Open Division's Final Game between teams from NY and CA. The NY player going horizontal made the block but the receiver ended up with the catch.
TMax-400, shot with Nikon FE2+MD-12 Motor Drive, Nikkor 300mm f/4 (settings not recorded, sorry)
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i loved TRYING to play ultimate. most of the people i tried playing with didnt understand the whole premise of it v 'frisbee football' which of course is nothing like ultimate
These are not great - but a friend gave me a very, very expired roll of Delta 400 that he found in his garage (it gets 120+ degrees in garages during the summer here.) So I figured - why not throw it in the camera and see what happens. Well, this is what happens - Lol. I see people hate on shooting expired film fairly often - but since I develop at home and it is cheap - why not? You never know what you are going to get. In this case you get heavy grain, reduced contrast, and "light bleed" effect without there actually being any with the camera (Minolta X700)

Crossing the street

Server Room


Tried out Bergger Pancro 400 in 135 as well. As far as cheaper B&W film stock go, I like Arista better.
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phone 'copies' of some prints i made in high school.

Port Huron Michigan Car Shops for Grand Trunk Western. the building is the Steel Shop (where they worked on steel freight cars v the Wood Shop where they worked on wood freight cars that were obviously gone but 1981)

i tried to get 'artsy' with the Dutch Angle on the wheel sets...

Tri-X pan processed in D-76. printed on some OLD OLD Agfa graded paper. NOT resin coated and i think graded at #3 or #4. id gotten some paper at a garage sale thinking i was going to build a darkroom in my parents basement but i never put any effort into it, once i 'found' a key to the high school darkroom. and found out that 2 hours before school starts, there's no one in the hallways to see you go into the locked darkroom....

my dad worked there for 42yrs and i had given him these prints to hang, which he did, in his little workshop in the basement

I have been "into" photography since high school (won't say how long ago that was, but am now retired). My parents are still with us and I have been going through some old shots that I took in B&W to print and frame for them. I shot in B&W, mainly because I could not afford my own color darkroom at the house. Here is one that I scanned, cleaned up and enhanced some. It is my youngest brother (14 years younger) in what was then a 20 year old rocking chair. The chair is still in the family and is now pushing 60 or so. I think the film was Kodak, 400 ISO, but I am not sure of the exact type. Shot with my very first camera, a Canon AT-1.

Greg In Old Chair.jpg
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