Sh2-157 The LobsterClaw Nebula


POTN Refugee
25 Nov 2023
Greg McKay
Image Editing
I was trying to force myself to have patience and stick to a single subject for an extended period of time. I usually get bored after a few nights of collecting data and decide I have enough and move on to something new. This time, I would say my patience has paid off. 3 nights of SII (Bortle 3), 4 nights of OIII (2 from my Bortle 8-9 backyard and 2 from a Bortle 3 dark site.) and 7 nights of Ha (6 from my Bortle 8-9 backyard and 1 from a Bortle 3 dark site.) and part of 1 night for the RGB data (Bortle 3) says I've finally broke that streak of getting bored. In fact, I plan on adding more data to this beautiful subject next year!
My longest project to date.

Explore Scientific ED152 w/0.7x reducer/flattener
ZWO ASI2600mm Pro, Chroma RGB, Ha,OIII,SII 3nm filters, iOptron CEM70 mount

Captured with NINA 3.0, Processed with PixInsight

30x60sec. ea RGB= 90min
233x600sec Ha= 38hrs50min
86x600sec SII= 14hrs20min
126x600sec OIII= 21hrs

Total integration time
75 hours 40 minutes.
I've seen your results refine and improve dramatically over a few short years, Greg,
and you're really knocking 'em outta the park now!
Wow. I'm always amazed at all the interesting things up there. Well done. The time was worth it I think.
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