Sam found another stray 8)

Haha, welcome Eric! I was afraid we lost you, not having seen you over on POTN for a while. I even PMed Peter to see if he knew how to reach you outside the forums. Now we only need to get Tom Reichner to join and we’ll have the PNW crew back together!
Hey All; Sam tracked me down and let me know this little shindig was up and running over here. Glad to have found the rest of the family, or at least the ones not still lost in the blizzard!
Eric!! Hi! I'm really pleased to see you. I thought we lost you completely to Cameraderie. I'm glad that isn't so. Welcome to our new home!!
Glad you found us. Please, if you know of others out there that may not have heard about POTNs shutdown, feel free to reach out to them of send one of the mods their POTN name and we will reach out. We would like all to know that there is a POTNish replacement to continue on.
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