Sailing or sailboat thread

First post here, wish me luck.
These are from the St. Mary's College of Maryland alumni regatta "Possum Bowl"
35 dinghies on the line
- 18 All-Americans proudly getting beaten to the finish
- 10 families with kids embracing the chaos
- 8 west-coasters who made the trek
- 3 fiancées introduced to the Seahawk Family
- 1 Olympic medal winner
_B4A8971 by Tom Brewer, on Flickr

_B4A9012 by Tom Brewer, on Flickr
Medieval sailing vessel:
I'm not sure if this is a cog or another type of sailing vessel. It was in Cannes, France
It is square rigged, with steering oars on both sides. I don't see evidence of a foresail nor a topsail. I note another yard and sail on the pier. The mainyard appears to be two spars lashed together to make a longer yardarm.

I'd appreciate more information about this one! I couldn't get closer because the pier was gated.

Cannes by Jack Silver, on Flickr
Cannes by Jack Silver, on Flickr
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