Recent storm

Very nice. I think I would remove the wires though. They do not add to the image.
Hoped for silhouette. Maybe foreground to dark? Just after sunset always tad tricky for us beginners
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Nice image. A few thoughts.
1. I agree on removing the wires, but I would not crop out the wires, but retain that part of the image and clone them out. Keeping that portion of the clouds leading into the base of the storm adds to the image.
2. I would keep the left 2/3 of the image and crop out the rest. Keep the tree currently in the middle, don’t crop to tightly to the right margin so it can breathe a little. This will shift the focus more towards that sweet lightning strike you captured, enhance the silhouetted trees, and balance it out more.
I agree with ct2co2's #1. The sky is very dramatic and adds to the feel of openness and vastness. Not so sure of #2 though. I like the lightning on the right side. Could be that you have two images, A tighter crop highlighting the tree and lightning and the open crop with the vastness and danger of the lightning all over.
How long was your exposure in order to get three lightning discharges?

I vote for cloning out the utility wires and cropping a little on the left.
30 seconds was a pretty active storm. Still learning photography editing and compostion which is a tad difficult with storms at night.
A phtographer mate put different slant on it "man made electricity versus natural"
30 seconds was a pretty active storm. Still learning photography editing and compostion which is a tad difficult with storms at night.
A phtographer mate put different slant on it "man made electricity versus natural"
That's what immediately went through my mind and remembering the violent storms a year or so ago when transmission towers were flattened in SA.
Personally I like your original.
It is full of drama spread right across the horizon.
The sky is spectacular with much happening and enough light is shed on the foreground to give a glimpse of the wide open spaces spreading out across the landscape.
If one looks at the powerlines in isolation without respect to what they convey then maybe as they gaze the penny will drop and see 2 forces at play. Mankind's and Nature's.

I love it.
Starting from the top.
I assume this image was taken with a wide angle lens, that showed the uprights as slanting inwards. This has been corrected in post processing. Each side of the image is distorted from the upright and needs cropping out.

The horizon is placed exactly at one third of the frame, which is perfect; the discord coming from the uprights being haphazard.

There is a very powerful compositional argument about the rule of odds.

The rule of odds is simply the idea that things are most visually pleasing when displayed in odd numbers; 1, 3 and 5. This can be individual items or similar elements.

Now take the points of interest in your photograph - Point one: tree left of frame; Point two: Tree and lighting; Point three: Central tree, Point four: Two sets of lightning right of frame.

To me Point one is dead space and does nothing towards the dynamism of the overall image. Point one cropped out leaves the other three points more easthetically pleasing.
The new points one and three now occupy the left and right third of the frame respectively, Point two, (the tree), is now moved from dead centre of the image to slightly left of centre, adding to the dynamism.

Clone out the wires and you'll have a belter of an image. An example of what I mean.

thank you fogey. same night.
often lightning with no other subject look so so, even a tree helps,
not thaeasy when youve driven for miles and its going full tilt 30 seconds again


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As Ian says that would be my suggestion as well. Too much space to the right of the dominant tree and the lightning at the far right is distracting and makes the image disjointed. If you do want letterbox at a pinch you could crop a bit on the left-hand side and crop out the lightning on the right. Great image to start and work with though.
I would love to photograph a storm like this! Did you use a lightning trigger?

I concur with most of the suggestions about cloning out the power lines.

I find the Lightning bolt on the right too distracting. I feel the real image is around the 3 trees. My basic approach would be similar to @Arbby , but with a bit more room around the trees.
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