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15 Nov 2023
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I do not recommend taking pictures while driving your car, but people who are passengers in a car / bus, please post your pictures here.
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Going down the old road from the Alpine Tunnel de Frejus towards Susa Italy around 1987-88, my weekly journey from London to Milan for many a year... two photos taken on a disposable film camera that was all I had... and rarely took photos when away. How I wish I has a digital back then. ( I no longer condone taking photos while driving ! ) The last one I found on t'internet, a photo of me in my trusty Scania coming out of the Port of Dover on the way home from a trip..happy days.

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Road to Tahoe

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^ It was. I instinctively grabbed the camera and shot it as I was driving and the wife freaked out. She was right in her desire not to smash through a barrier and down a cliff. Yet, the photo was worth the danger. It is something I have done now and then.
On December 2, 2010, my colleague and I were returning from our annual visit to the AGROMEK trade fair in Herning, Denmark, we stopped briefly at one of our suppliers in Sønderborg, from which we left around 1 p.m., in sunny weather, with about 900 km to go, and we expected to be in Pilsen by 10 p.m. at the latest. But just outside Flensburg it got cold and snowed, and south of Hamburg the situation was so serious that the Germans closed the A7 motorway and everything was going on detours on ordinary roads. We covered about 200 km in six hours. We managed to grab the last available room in a motel and slept until morning. The next day was better, but we still didn't get to Pilsen until late afternoon.


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