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are you linking or embedding?
Looks like there's a couple of clicks difference in the way you embed photographs - one way results in thumbnail, and the other results in full displayed picture. I'll try & work out the difference for our documentation.
@Joseph , if there is a way to make quoted photos smaller (like that little embed) rather than the full-sized embed, perhaps XF has a method of doing that? Maybe XF forum help has an answer for that? These full-size photo quotes are going to eat up a lot of screen space and can get annoying.

I've noticed at the TMC forum I'm on (XF, btw), that embeds can sometimes become those smaller thumbs too. Though none of mine have ever done that, other users experience that result pretty often. By clicking the thumb, they display full size.
There are three ways to directly upload images.

1. with the Attach files button just below the text editor, bottom left with the paperclip
2. clicking the little icon in the menu of the text editor. It's this one:
Schermafbeelding 2023-11-12 om 11.40.44.png

If you upload using the Attach files link, you will get a small thumbnail and you need to click on Insert. You are then given two options:
1. Thumbnail
2. Full image, like so:

Schermafbeelding 2023-11-12 om 11.30.11.png
Click on "full image" and the full image will be loaded in your post.
Click on "thumbnail" and you will see a thumbnail in your post. However, if you click on that thumbnail it will go to full image.

If however you upload using the little icon up top, it will automatically load the full image.

3. There is also a third option and that is to simply drag an image from your desktop and drop it in the text editor.
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Bob = me, just a test login to see if things were working as expected.
Thanks. It's creepy, seeing these unknown members. Some of them are even on the staff.

One of our selling points is "You can keep some of your old friends from POTN," but when people from POTN show up with new names and avatars, it's like being at a party where most people are someone else's old friends.
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