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5 Nov 2023
California, USA
Image Editing
Sharing is caring, what you are eating? At home, restaurants, events, etc. Let's see them.

A revised image of a burger that I enjoyed a couple of rears ago. Most of the revisions were cloning out stuff in the background, and on the burger's container. Full details of the establishment are on Flickr.

135_2978_LrC-Revised by Mark A. photo, on Flickr

Additional cheese, sold separately.

135_3155_LrC-Revised by Mark A. photo, on Flickr
Another fantastic cake after Otto Lenghi's recipe. Rum and raisin cake with rum caramel icing. Out of this world!


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very nice! I've often wondered about getting an Air Fryer, folks are always raving about them.
My air fryer is good, though as apparently is often the case, I would opt for a larger one. Mine is 4 litre, but the better size is 6 litre.

I like mine! I've actually only had it since mid-October. It really is good for cooking frozen french fries, but obviously I've taken it farther. For the crab rangoon, I made the wontons, sprayed them with oil using a food quality oil sprayer, and cooked them for maybe 6 minutes, the time you'd need to deep fry them. The benefit is that you use little oil, and the cleanup is very easy. I've done southern fried chicken in mine (drumsticks and thighs), and it's as good as shallow oil frying (1/4 inch or 7mm of oil) without the mess. I've even done green beans in it, and they came out nice! An air fryer isn't a zero effort cooker, but it's lower effort and the food comes out nice!
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