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23 Nov 2023
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The 100-400, with and without the TC, are mostly soccer with some football. I don't like to use the TC since it causes more AF misses, but sometimes I need the reach.
The 24-240 is my single-lens, daytime, family outing lens.
Phone is mostly my wife's pictures of the kids since that's her only camera.
The 50 is the lens I keep on the camera at home for shooting indoors.
I used the 24-70 mainly when I want more flexibility over the 50mm.
The 24-105 got some use from a couple of trips to Disneyland when I didn't want to carry anything bigger, but still wanted to take some pictures, especially of the nighttime light displays.
The 70-200 gets used when I want to take "nice" pictures of the kids with, but it also got a boost in use this year from night football.

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Interesting stats. Tried to make one too, ideally it would be possible to generate it automatically, but I don't think it's possible.

In 2023 to date I have saved a total of 14,379 RAWs on HDD, 14,457 of them are with my own lenses, the remaining 82 are with lenses I have borrowed for testing, I have not included those in the stats. I assumed that my most used lens was the EF 16-35mm f/4 L IS USM, but I was wrong - most RAWs are with the EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM, the 16-35/4 is second. This is because I've used the 70-200 a lot for rodeo and speed way, and the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS II USM for airplanes and speed way as well. I was surprised that even if I remove the rodeo and flat track from the stats, there are still the most photos with the 70-200/4.

Number of RAW
EF 135mm f/2L USM
EF 35/2
RF 50mm f/1.8 STM
EF 85 mm f/1.8 USM
EF 24-70 mm f/4L IS USM
EF 100-400 mm f/4,5-5,6 L IS II USM
EF 16-35 mm f/4 L IS USM
EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

Doing this would sort of give me a false result in a way.

The 35GM is certainly my favourite and most used lens for images.

But last Friday I shot an Aurora timelapse obviously using the 24GM for that wider view at 826 images......
This would be a nice feature for Lightroom to implement since they have exif access. Don't think it would be too hard for them.
Interesting exercise I did for closing this year seeing this thread; of a total of 1955 RAW files in my HD taken in 2023, my most used lens was the 70-300L if I don't sum all wide photos taken with the 16-35 and 14-35. Next year as the 70-300L and 16-35L are longer with me we should see a different pie chart in 2024.

I run a similar excersise each year, although I don't transfer the data into excel and plot a pie chart.
This year has been a gear transitory year so this would reflect in lower volumes for similar lenses.
It's been a year of camera and lens upgrades, I found that migrating to mirrorless from my long term 5D3's to an R8 & R6ii showed a hefty bump in fine detail in the newer sensor designs. A less harsh AA filter means that the newer 24mp sensors are resolving a lot more detail than the previous 22mp sensors. I've heard it said that the new 24mp sensor out resolves the 5D4 and Eos R 30mp sensor and from the results that I'm seeing, I would agree. This has meant that some of my EF glass what looking a bit soft on my R8 and R6ii.
Another issue with my metrics is that my event photography photographs tend to get edited and culled pretty quick. So within a few months of a shoot, I only have the keepers / delivered final photos left. All the others are ditched / wiped / gone to silicon heaven. However, for some reason, my birding and wild life photos tend to stick around a lot longer. One trip to Slimbridge (on a good light day) might yeild about 125 keepers, 20 will be portfolio worthy. 10 might make the final cut....however I'll probably shoot 2500 images in total. These tend to stay in my lightroom database for some time. So these would skew my data substantially. Last year's lens numbers made my EF 400mm f2.8 LIS my most prolific lens....where as if I score my "three star and above" keepers, it's slightly less than my EF 24-70/2.8.
So my stats when adjusted (and mkI & MkII variants are combined) are typically:
EF 24-70/2.8 is my most used lens. Although I'm finding the mkII version slightly less versatile than the mkI.
EF 16-35IIL/2.8 is my 2nd most used lens maybe 10% less.
EF 400mm f2.8 LIS is my 3rd, about 20% less than the 24-70
EF 100-400 f5.6 II LIS is slightly less than my 400/2.8 but not by much. Which is a suprise to me because I'm carrying this lens a lot and I've only had it for 4 months. It's new to me and completely taken over from my EF 70-200/2.8. my 2nd photographer loves this lens for events (with high iso) and that's also bumping my photo numbers for this lens. I'm also shooting a lot of flowers with this lens, in fact I'm shooting this lens a lot!
EF 85mm f1.2 II L come 5th, about half the amount of images that the 24-70.
EF 35mm f1.4 is 6th and maybe 75% less than the 24/70.
EF 135mm f2.0 is slightly less than my 35/1.4. I tend to use this a lot on holidaya nd vacations or when I want a small, light and bright tele. This year I used it more than my 70-200/2.8...that's a first!
Macro and fisheye lenses are very low on my list, but both are highly prized lens for me and adda nice variety to my portfolios.
I hardly used my 70-200/2.8 this year. A number of the venues that I shoot at need the 100-300mm range and I'm finding my 70-200 just isn't a useful as my 100-400IIL in this context.
2023 was the least amount of frames I've shot due to other priorities, but still interesting to take a look back. Even more interesting to plot it out in a chart vs. just looking at the metadata in LRC. I may take this a step further and look at prior years that better represent my "normal" use, and perhaps focal lengths.

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