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14 Nov 2023
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Lifted from LoneRider's thread on POTN

We all understand what word association is, right?

The idea for this thread is simple - the photo you post MUST relate in some way to the previously posted photo. The relationship can be obvious - someone posts a picture of a dog, and the next picture is of a cat - or less so - photo of a steam train, then a train on a wedding dress. Feel free to make abstract associations or associate on some background minutia.

Don't explain when you post. If your association is too oblique, be prepared to be challenged, and to explain it!

N,B. Things should morph from one shot to the next. Pick up on an element and then post a shot going in a different direction that shares that element. Make a leap, go somewhere new.

To that end, please post pictures that have something the next person can use. If there is just a single subject, little or no background, and absent some unique style or technique it really doesn’t present much for the next person to build on.


You have to be "quick on the draw" in this kind of thread or you'll miss it.
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