Official Football Thread 2023 Part Deaux Part One was POTN

Lifelong Cowboys fan here. Sideline photographer in Dallas would be my dream job.
I got lucky In the end its still football Weak guard and weak safety always tells you what the O and D are doing


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Burnett got the Pro level. Well I pretty much shot my last game of the season with some 8-Man quarterfinals action last night.Drumright-VAHS-1st qtr_0129.jpg

Drumright-VAHS-1st qtr_0160.jpg
I know the season is winding down for most of us and I am in the same boat. But it looks like I get one more game this Saturday afternoon at 1 pm local time. Should be nice to get a day game for high school for a change.
Saturday afternoon games are the best. A 66-48 win puts the Comets into the State Finals on Friday night. So maybe one more FNL game this year.


But if I don't get to shoot another game this season, then this one was worth it.

Okay @Burnet44, season isn't over just yet. One more HS game, a State championship game tomorrow night and then one more game after that, information (or photos) later this month.

Keep shooting those Cowboys though.
Semis this week finals next week at the Death Star
Chapel Hill 56 SA Davenport 33
CH has some dudes course if your still playing you have dudes
Chapel Hill 56 SA Davenport 33 LR -50-Motion.jpgChapel Hill 56 SA Davenport 33 LR -67-Standard.jpg
6A DII Semi Final
Summer Creek 38 Steele 14
Summer Creek vs Desoto 6A DII State Final at The Death Star aka Jerry World AKK ATT Stadium
Summer Creek 38 Steele 14 2023 (5).jpgSummer Creek 38 Steele 14 2023 LR-45-Focus.jpg
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