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Market Place: Classifieds disclaimer, rules and access

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6 Nov 2023
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FOP offers a marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet and make an exchange.

Buy and sell at your own risk. FOP is not responsible for either the buyer’s or seller’s transaction, will not act as an arbiter or get involved in any dispute, nor will we act as an intermediary or guarantor.

The quality of goods exchanged, method of payment, method of shipment, etc. is left between the buyers and sellers themselves.

No auctions.

Thread titles must accurately describe the item(s) in the listing

No links to shops, stores, or other forums.

FOP does encourage smart online buying. Avoid using PayPal gifts or other gift cards.

Always check references first before any transaction.

Bumping is allowed after 7 days. Continuous bumping will get your thread locked.

You must mark your Item(s) as sold when the transaction is finalized.
In order to have access to the market place, a member must be registered for 30 days and have 60 posts. When this criteria is met, please allow a few hours for the permission to take affect.
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If you were a member at POTN with access to the Marketplace there, you can send a PM to a staff member and request early access to the Marketplace here at FoP.
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