Macro photography by LordV - Part 5 Processing


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21 Nov 2023
Worthing England
Brian Valentine
Image Editing

4. Processing

There is no correct workflow for photo processing, just what you do to get the result you like.

My workflow

I always shoot RAW primarily because I do not always get the exposure correct and this gives me some latitude plus I do not like the overly warm colour canon flash seems to give and normally adjust flash shots down to 5600'C. I shoot with AWB on the camera and this does not generally cause problems apart from when using odd light sources such as LEDs or halogens lamps where you may again need to adjust the colour temperature.
I transfer the files from the camera using a card reader into date folders - as I found out to my cost use copy when transferring files rather than move and then delete the files off the memory card when you have checked they have copied correctly.

RAW Processing

I use canon's DPP for the RAW processing this picks up the cameras picture style (which can be changed) but mine is set to standard. I do not use noise reduction in DPP but have sharpening set to 3. Firstly I normally change the colour temp of all flash shots as detailed above as a block and then singly or as a shot group look at the exposure under the RAW tab and adjust this if too bright or too dark. When doing this I've only recently found that it is necessary to look at the RGB tab (assuming you are doing jpg output) to check the colour channels for overexposure. It normally works out that you are ok if the RAW histogram stops one line short of the RHS. If you are showing the colour blowing in RGB histogram (ie bunched on the RHS) then you can either try reducing the exposure under the RAW tab and/or the saturation under the RGB tab and /or change the picture style under the RAW tab to natural. If you have a rather high contrast shot which lacks dark area detail it's worth trying the curves correction under the RGB tab. Once I have all the photos corrected I do the RAW conversion as a block into a subfolder of the date folder.

JPG Processing

I use photoshop for processing with some additional filters. If I'm focus stacking then I do the stacks straight after RAW processing.
I routinely use Noiseware pro to denoise at it's lowest setting - this takes care of all but extreme high ISO noise. I now find that I rarely have to do any levels correction in PS. I would then do any minor cropping (if necessary) sharpen using USM set at 200,1,1 but faded normally to around 50% (but adjust to taste) and save that shot as my master jpg at quality 12. I reduce the size of the shot for web posting to 9cm short side at 180 DPI, resharpen this with USM at 200,1,1 but faded to around 30% and save this at quality 10. This gives a file about 960 pixels longest side and between 100Kb to 200Kb size
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