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Is it me or not?

How so? Asymmetry? I've never used a TSE, but I could imagine it being tricky.

Possibly, but old churches are worst, if it 500-800 years old a lot is out of true. I am sure it is user error, when it works it is great.

I used on holiday for some exteriors using the R6II 2 axis level so I'll see how I get on when I hit them on the to do list.
Yeah, I approached it wrong, and I don't know why. I apologize.
Apology accepted and thank you.
What I really meant to address is that T/S lenses are fairly complicated
as compared to standard variants, and I meant to point out a "buy it"
over providing a "why" response from you because a T/S truly is
a rather expensive piece of gear which requires some knowledge.
The lens that I bought was both a macro lens and a wide angle lens with T/S capabiliities - in fact I bought it purely for the T/S wide angle. As for the why, I have found that I enjoy the manual aspect of this lens - takes me back to the days of film, when one had to calculate the settings manually to get the shot you wanted. The only difference between this and film is you have instant feedback.
Matter of fact, I'd like to know more about the "why" aspects.

I can't justify a T/S lens expense when I can approximate the effect
with Photoshop and other editors, so what makes the lens expense
worth it as opposed to software manipulation?
Good question! It's not until you go back to a prime manual lens you appreciate just how lax modern photography has made us become. I have reached a stage in my photographic journey where I want to try to blend the skills I learned with film photography with the digital age producing, hopefully, some creative imagery.

I understand your comment re justifying the expense of a T/S lens and I share your feelings, had I needed to pay the full price for one. However, bargains are there to be exploited and that is what I have done. I hope to put this lens to good use when I visit the 'Constable Country' in July, as the area is a photographer's dream. I'm sure I will be switching between this wide angle lens and a 50mm lens with a series of overlapping shots to get certain panoramas.

Examples would be helpful.
I'll post these when I come back from my 'Constable' photoshoot.
Without reading all the other comments, I would say the camera 'may be' cocked/angled to the left a little.
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