Initial experience with Impact panel reflector (CSB copies)


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3 Dec 2023
United States
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I got the Impact reflector which is a copy of the California Sunbounce panel. It is the 43x67 size so it is kinda in the middle of the mini and the pro size of the CSB.. Fabric is drum tight as it should when you put all the pieces on. Putting it one isn't that hard, but the CSB is easier, and the CSB is a LOT lighter, so if you have a family member holder the Impact panel, they are going to drop the panel more since it is heavier. But for those like me who do not have an assistant and uses grips.. The Impact is better since the tubes are thicker and would be less likely to crush under the clamps. This frame is also sized to where it won't work on standard Hollywood grip heads, so you have to remove more metal from a junior grip/lollipop to make it work
The fabric is that silver/gold mixed in so it isn't that strong of a warm tone, and the other side of the fabric is silver/white so you don't get a strong silver reflector either.. Just wish they just kept to a silver/white, but there is no option and you can not purchase any other fabric except what you have. So no negative fill black, though you could clothespin some black on the frame, but then it is still a $200 frame with your own fabric, and I have floppies already.

Overall, I think I would keep it since it is one of the better of the PROC made reflectors. The frame is thicker and stronger than the CSB but you are going to hate holding it for long. I still have to figure out how to make the grip work on the tube or I would have to hire assistance when using this thing.. IDK......
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