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6 Nov 2023
Image Editing
Image Posting Rules:

  • You will only post images for which you have legal copyright. (images you took or have had copyright granted)
  • All images must be no more than 1600 x 1600 pixels and less than 1600kb.
  • A max of 4 images per post, 2 attached and 2 embedded or 4 embedded.
  • Post your photograph in no more than 2 threads. One of these threads can be in the Photo Sharing section of the forum. The other can be in the gear section - the camera thread or the lens thread. EDIT 26 March 2024: we have decided to not moderate cross posting any longer. All we ask is that you do not do it to excess as it is a drain on storage and bandwidth.
  • Make sure to check before editing someone else's image that Image Editing is set to "Yes" in their user info window. If it is set to "No" first ask for permission before editing their image.
  • Do not post images of graphic violence, gore, self-injury or mutilation.
  • Do not post images of human cruelty to animals.
  • ADDED 23 April 2024: Do not post dead animals as a result of accidental human action (road kill comes to mind).
  • Do not post images containing offensive messaging or slogans unless it’s part of an image meant for documentary purposes. The moderators will use best judgement but keep in mind, these type of images may be removed.
  • Do keep in mind that this is not an age restricted forum and members come from a multitude of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Be respectful.
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