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3 Dec 2023
Toms River NJ 08755
George Bartley
Image Editing
This was taken at my grandson's engagement party in a very dark room with black ceilings. I used a bounce flash into the ceiling.Edited in LR and cropped very tight.DSCF0564.jpg
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I like the concept. The photo conveys the intimacy that I think you’re trying to depict. I do think though that the knee is distracting. I wonder the shot would have been better if she had her knees side by side with the legs crossed at the calves. The hands would still be on her thigh but you might then have been able to crop the knee out.
I agree. Any skin can be a potential distraction, and the knee adds a feature to that leg skin that amplifies the effect.
Knees are usually not the most attractive parts of the human body.
The hands are really nice though. I like the way you shot them. And the bride's nails are beautifully done.
Lovely !

As to the knees, it can easily be cropped slightly to remove a lot of the distraction,
Cheers and Congratulations 🍾
The bad: The first thing I noticed was there is too much noise from being too dark in that room and a lack of detail on the hands, ring where it counts. I didn't notice the knees until after I did my review and read the other reviews. I can see what they're saying, the knee isn't the most attractive thing. Maybe if the knee could've somehow been left out. A different angle maybe? Maybe shot more from above?
The good: I really like the hand over the hand idea on the leg. It's a strong image.
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