I received a wonderful honor today

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Nov 24, 2023
SW Florida
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A old friend of mine who I was dating, did some modeling for me and I helped learn the basics of photography and went on to make some serious money doing wildlife photography is holding a seminar on Sunday 12/31/23 discussing the basics of photography for people who know they are getting or buying a real DSLR or equivalent camera.

She called me this morning and asked if I would speak at the seminar and answer questions as best as I could.

I was offered a nice compensation and will cover my expenses plus I can stay at a hotel or in a guest room with her and her husband who I know of as a former photographer for the Miami Herald.

All 18 seats have been pre-sold, I didn't ask what she is charging per seat but it has to be a bit of money just to cover the compensation she offered and my expenses.

The compensation was turned down and I after was assured her husband would not hold a grudge because I was once dating her it was agreed to stay at their place versus alone in a hotel room which saves them $350 or so, plus he is just a couple of years younger than me so I think we will be able to get along just fine.

We are still working out doing a video, her husband is doing one but my suggestion was lets do a multi camcorder video.

If it can be posted publicly I wil post a link here.
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