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the durkarian

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Nov 19, 2023
Image Editing
Focus on Photography is a photography forum, so why not showcase the some of the stunning photographs that have been uploaded to this site in a gallery or slideshow on the home page of the forum. Surely doing so would make the forum a lot more attractive to new members who were not previously members of POTN. It would also highlight to your current members the photographs that are being posted in the sub-forums that they don’t normally frequent.

FoP is a photography forum, why not exploit your biggest asset.
We were hurrying to get the site up and running, as we were concerned that a lot of the POTN membership might drift away after Pekka made his announcement and we would have no way of reaching them if they stopped loggjng into POTN. So we chose function over form. Now that we have fhe site operational and working reasonably well, we will focus on some of the form items that have been on the back burner.
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