HI from Australia

Hey Peter! Welcome.
So glad you found us. Those are pretty amazing lightning shots.
If you've got a Duck shot, you can post it here. It's a little tradition we have.
Have a look about and be sure to check out FAQs and Best Practices.

Welcome to Focus on Photography!
Welcome to focus, glad you made it here. I swear, I have a very similar lightning picture as you triple strike but it is 1/2 a world away here in Texas.
Welcome Peter, from Tassie
Love those lightning shots.
There's certainly been/is wild weather.

Look forward to more excellent posts
Hello and welcome Peter
Your calling cards remind me of some of our spring and early summer storms......welcome to the forums!
Welcome Peter, Canberra-based here

I am envious of your lightning shots!
Nice lighting shots, Peter.
Greetings from NSW _ Nelson Bay.

Well met, Peter, and welcome.
We've a number of Aussie friends who get along well with those of us
from the US, UK, and many other places, so you should get along fine here.

I do like your lightning shots; I hope to get a few of them myself.
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