Harbor / port view

Many years back when this was in transition after Marriot took over I wanted to see what the top floors were like. Punched a bunch of buttons for the higher floors and one was a construction no-entrance sign. Of course being curious we got off and wandered down the hall. Many of the rooms were open and under construction. Some rooms had the doors on and off. Such beautiful views of the ocean side and city side. No camera unfortunately. I joked with the Mrs. that if we did not pay for our hotel in old town I'd have camped out here. Enough of the rooms were in various stages so the more complete ones were 70% furnished sans TV, fridge and such. Beds were in place, no sheets but the rooms we wandered into had water. The security cameras at the elevators and halls were all danging since the ceilings were being worked on. I felt it would have been a fun adventure to stay. She didn't want the ramifications if security caught us. Not wanting to spend part of our vacation potentially being interviewed by SDPD, we went to our hotel after gawking at the views.
A few Scottish ports...








These are all from my local patch...

Newhaven Harbour...


Port of Leith...




Port Edgar (taken when they were building the new crossing of the Forth estuary)...

I love bridge construction shots - do you have any closeups of that last composition? That light is beautiful Cap'n.
Apologies for the glaring error in the above shots. The wide angles were taken 15 June 2016. The close-ups were from 19 August 2015.
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