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Sour Cream of the Crop
15 Nov 2023
San Jose, CA
Image Editing
I have quite a few (over 40) of my photos that I mat myself, but for which I buy frames. Being somewhat lazy, I usually just used one hanger to put them up. This of course meant that I had to continually go around and level them. Also, as I was hanging them as I printed them over a few years, there was not much organization, and some walls looked pretty messy. As I have come to the point where I am going to paint the interior, I decided to organize and rehang properly.

Doing a bit of research, I discovered a product called Beehive Hangers. They consist of two approximately one square inch honeycomb fixtures to be mounted on the frame and two small pins to put in the wall. You can just press the frame to the wall to mark the centers of the two hangers, pound the pins to the wall, and hang the picture. If it isn't level, it can be adjusted by quite a large amount, or moved up, down, or side to side. I spent a couple of days redoing all my wooden frames, and they look great.

I also found that they sell a type for metal frames, which I use for my panoramas. I just ordered enough for all of mine.

I have no association with the company. They can be ordered direct or on Amazon. I don't know if they are available in stores. I highly recommend them.

Hmm.. very interesting and a lot less expensive than I was expecting. I'm going to try these out I think.
I got all my panorama frames switched over to the beehives. No more tilted horizons!
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