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6 Nov 2023
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Welcome to Focus-on-Photography, an international forum specifically to discuss photography, gear, techniques, and sharing images.


At Focus-on-Photography, we strive to create a welcoming environment where our members can openly discuss, debate, and exchange ideas, and learn from others.

Conditions of Use:

By registering for this forum and posting, as a member you are agreeing to the following:

  • By posting to Focus-on-Photography you are giving forum owners and forum moderators permission to store all messages/images, present it for public viewing, backup messages/images, delete or modify them.
  • The photographer retains all copyright for images posted to the forum.
  • Focus-on-Photography is not responsible for the content of any messages or images posted.
  • You will only post images for which you have legal copyright (images you took or have had copyright granted).
  • All messages represent the views of the author and do not represent anyone at Focus-on-Photography.
  • Focus-on-Photography respects your privacy. Any metrics that are gathered are for Focus-on-Photography forums internal use and will not be shared external to Focus-on-Photography
Forum Rules:

Focus-on-Photography is an international forum dedicated to everything related to image capture and display. As such we have the following rules, we ask all to abide by. Failing to do so can lead to post removal, temporary suspension, or being banned from the forum. The rules are simple and common sense but are as follows.

  • Keep things photography related in all forums other than the Lounge.
  • No political, religious, nationalistic, harassing posts, threatening posts and/or posts that contain racism, sexism or ageism, profanity, personal attacks, or unwanted criticism (the don’t be an a-hole rule).
  • Images of death as part of nature (predator/prey) are allowed. Images of death or cruelty caused by humans (hunting/animal fighting) are not and will be removed.
  • Posts promoting or sharing views of a conspiratorial nature will be deleted (the discuss conspiracy theories on a conspiracy theory forum rule).
  • Images for which you do not have legal copyright must be posted as a link (don’t post other people’s pictures as your own).
  • If you copy content from another source, you must post a link to the content and credit the originator.
  • posting any private information about another member will get you banned.
  • Impersonating another member will get you banned.
  • No Online Stalking or doxing. These posts/threads will be removed.
  • No multiple accounts.
  • No advertising for goods or services are allowed except in the Marketplace. The post will be deleted. Links to external retail website are allowed.
  • Any member who feels that a particular post is objectionable is encouraged to contact a forum Moderator or report the post by clicking the appropriate “report post” button.
  • Members are not allowed to publicly criticize and/or discuss moderation. You are allowed to do so by PM or by using the “report” option.
  • Going off-topic. Discussions can head in unintended directions. Try and stay on-topic especially early in the thread.
  • Be aware that this is a multi-cultural forum and English is a second or third language for many members. Pointing out grammatical mistakes is frowned upon.
  • Illegal downloads, services, or links to sites which encourage piracy is not allowed.
  • Putting a link to your website in your signature and/or in About in your profile is allowed, tagging your business name is not.
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