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4 Dec 2023
Florida, USA
Leigh A Wax
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I was going to start a Canon Autumn '23 Image thread on the Canon Camera/Lens forum, but at the top, similar to this forum, I had to choose whether it was a Discussion, or a Poll, andsince it was neither, I declined to start the thread.
I noted however, that with the R3 there's both a Discussion thread, and an Image thread.
Under the forum rules, is the R3 Image thread considered a Discussion, or a Poll; or should the Discussion or Poll heading be ignored, and if so, why is it there?
We are limited by the software package, we only have those two options. A discussion thread is any thread that does not have a poll. So discussion, image, whatever is all a discussion thread is. The poll selection brings up additional options to allow you to include the poll in your post. That's all it is.
A poll is open to all accept for the sell/trade in the marketplace where it is not needed. If you are looking to create an image thread for a particular brand, you can do so in the brand/gear section. The discussion part in the message input does not mean you cannot include pictures.

All in all, we do allow discussions in image posting threads, but would like to keep it to a minimal in the Lens Sample Archive forum.
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