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For noodle munching vikings only!!!

Well that's me out then, not a Viking (unfortunately as that would be cool) nor do I like noodles :ROFLMAO:
noodles. must have noodles

What? Another troll? 🧌 Where are they all coming from? (Norway, maybe?) We installed the Troll Filter Mark 5 last week at setup. I just clicked Report twice. Once for seeing a Troll in here and a second time to report the filter not working properly.

Where's my hammer? 🔨

EDT: Huh? Where did the Troll go off to? Back under the bridge? Mod magic? Troll Filter now working?
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Twelve posts, and only one photograph of a noodle! Come on, noodle lovers, do for noodles what Edward Weston did for peppers and cabbages.
I will claim 25% Viking - although there is an uncertainty relating to grandpaternity 😲
Redd sounds rather like the Anglo Saxon word for "advised" as in Ethelred the Unready where the epithet is a pun on his name which means well advised; the Unready meant he failed to live up to his name. Now, given that as late as the 8th century, monks from England could be understood over most of northern Europe, it seems likely that the word (Norwegian) means advised. I therefore deduce that that the post is suggesting that we would be well advised to claim kinship before the Bloodaxe falls - Eric or otherwise.


(There are elements in the above that are correct, but as to the conclusion drawn - a masterpiece of eisegesis if I do say so myself.)

Edit. Perhaps I'm just saying I'm well redd.
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