Flamingos? HERE?


POTN Refugee
Nov 24, 2023
Cocoa, Florida
Gordon H Elwell
Image Editing
Most wild flamingos are in Miami or Ft Lauderdale area, but very rarely seen much farther North. So photogs around here (Brevard County, space coast) are surprised to see a small enclave along the shores of an unnamed island in the Indian River. I had to go out and investigate myself. I had my trusty R5 and 100-500 lens, and shot the activity along the shores of said island from the mainland shore. I looked at the screen on the camera, and couldn't tell if any of what I shot had the elusive birds. It wasn't until I got home and loaded my shots did I realize I had indeed captured four of the elusive birds. This pic was at 500mm, cropped way in and then enlarged (about 125% or so). So the answer is, Yes Virginia, there are flamingos in Brevard County!I5G_7520-IG.jpg
Is this recent? I heard about flamingoes being found much farther north than usual a few months ago. I didn't realize it is happening now as well.
Some were apparently blown in by a storm this summer. I saw eBird reports from several states in the southeast.
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