Fixed-Lens Photo Challenge #268: Metal


19 Nov 2023
NC Foothills
Image Editing
Fixed Lens Photo Challenge #268: Metal
This week we want to see anything made of metal.

Remember, if you post a photo, you may be the winner. Be prepared to host and judge a new challenge.

To submit, put your photo title in the first line of the post, followed by your photo, and click "Post comment." Your camera brand and model must appear in the post. Include additional EXIF data, if you like.

Enter just one photo.

Post until Monday noon GMT, Jan 8, 2024

Camera: Any fixed-lens camera, all brands and models. Cell phones are also included. No DSLRs!
Time: Any on-topic photo taken at any time is eligible except photos that have won other POTN competitions.
Size: Photo must be no less than 800 pixels and no more than 1600 pixels on the longest side, with no borders.
Postprocessing: Do whatever you like and the host will decide if it fits the theme.
Photo display: Photos must appear in this thread to be eligible.
Title your photo.
No commenting and no likes until the challenge has ended.
People may also post photos after the winners are announced.

Voting: Once the challenge is closed on Monday noon anyone may cast their votes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. People who didn't enter a photograph are also allowed to vote. 1st Place = 3 points, 2nd Place = 2 points, and 3rd Place = 1 point.
Note: The host of the challenge may also enter a photo and is encouraged to do so. Should the host win, the runner up will host the next challenge, so as to avoid the same person hosting in two consecutive weeks.

1. The challenge host is the winner of the last challenge.
2. Once your win is announced, copy the sticky and start a thread in the Competitions forum with this title: Fixed-Lens Challenge #XXX: Subject
4. Soon after noon GMT on the next Tuesday, post the sum of the votes for first, second, and third place. No ties, please.
5. If the winner can't be contacted and doesn't respond by Wednesday noon GMT, the second-place winner will host the challenge. If both are unavailable, the third-place winner will host.

Link to Sticky with template:

Schedule: One challenge every week, on the following schedule:
1. New Topic: As soon as possible after winning.
2. Posting Starts: Right after topic is announced.
3. Posting Stops: Monday noon GMT.
4. Winners Announcement: As soon as possible, after Tuesday noon GMT.
Bronze Sculpture - The Heart of Trees


Zenzanon 75MM F2.8 PE lens, Bronica ETRSi, Ilford Delta 100 film, developed in Stock Perceptol, and scanned on a Canoscan 8800F with Silverfast SE software.
Time to vote. Remember, anyone can vote, even if you did not submit an image.
Sorry TheBigYin but the Bronica ETRSi is not a fixed-lens camera and thus not eligible to participate in this challenge.

Dilopix54, you would like to change your third place vote?
TheBigYin's image was not made by a fixed lens camera, However it was then scanned and there is nothing in the rules allowing or excluding scanned images. As host I will allow the image and will get clarification for the future. Sorry for any confusion.
The votes are in and the results are close:

NixEre - 8
Trumper and Stiga-5

A nice crop of images this time. Thank you all for your submissions and participation.

What's next Nic?
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