Fixed-Lens Photo Challenge #266: Changes


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11 Nov 2023
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Fixed-Lens Photo Challenge #266: Changes

The arrival of this new forum means a big recent change for everyone here. Show us something else that's a change. The subject can change often, once in a lifetime, or somewhere in between.

Remember, if you post a photo, you may be the winner. Be prepared to host and judge a new challenge.

To submit, put your photo title in the first line of the post, followed by your photo, and click the button labeled "Post comment." Your camera brand and model must appear in the post. Include additional EXIF data, if you like.

Enter just one photo.

Post until Monday noon GMT, 25 December 2023.


: Any fixed-lens camera, all brands and models. Cell phones are also included. No DSLRs!

Time: Any on-topic photo taken at any time is eligible except photos that have won other Focus on Photography Forum competitions.

Size: Photo must be no less than 800 pixels and no more than 1600 pixels on the longest side, with no borders.

Postprocessing: Do whatever you like and the voters will decide whether it works.

Photo Display: Photos must appear in this thread to be eligible.

Commenting: Please title your photo. No commenting or descriptions on photos by anyone, including the photographer. Please don’t use the Like button until winners are announced. Once the winners are declared, photographers can add comments to their images and everyone is invited to discuss. The host and others may also post photos after the winners are announced.



Voting begins when the challenge closes, noon Monday, 25 December. Voting closes 24 hours later. Post your first, second, and third choices. First-place votes will get 3 points; second place, 2 points; third place, 1 point. The host will tally the points and announce the result. You can vote even if you didn’t enter a photo.

Link to the Sticky with rules and template for hosting

Pay attention to your PMs. This will allow the host, helpful members, or moderators to contact you about winning or ineligible photos. Thank you.
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A Honda (I think) with colour changes


SoftwareAdobe Photoshop 24.0 (Windows)
Exposure Time0.0031s (1/320)
ExposureLandscape Mode
ISO equivalent100
Exposure Biasnone
Metering ModeMatrix
Flash FiredNo (enforced)
Focal Length7.6mm 43mm=35mm equivalent
Color SpacesRGB
White BalanceAuto
Focal Length (35mm)43
Date2010-05-21 16:22:58 (no TZ)
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Samsung phone
My 1st trip out after retiring ,not having to worry about going to work --freedom


Please put your camera brand and model in your post. Please verify for yourself that your photo fits the dimensions stated in the rules. When I hosted at POTN, I checked these things and PMed entrants to give them a change to make changes. At Focus, the data don't show unless EXIF came along with the image. Thank you.
Time to vote!

List your top three choices in order. You don't have to have entered a photo. Vote before noon GMT Tuesday, December 26.

And merry Christmas!
The results are in!

#1 is Lester Wareham with 11 points
#2 is a tie, Trumper and OldCrow, 8 points each
#3 is Stiga, 7 points

Congratulations to all and thanks for entering during the busy holiday season.

Bonus photo from the host
: a bill changer.


Take it away, Lester!
A note for Lester: Since you're the next host and only the second host in this series using the Focus format, I have to add that just copying the sticky will bring in a lot of misleading information. The POTN sticky was obsolete even at POTN. It hadn't been updated in years and didn't reflect the way the game was being played. I blended its usable parts with the template I'd made for hosting at POTN. Then there were adjustments for XenForo's workings.

Luckily, post editing wasn't limited to one hour when I started this thread. I kept thinking of more needed changes, like "Oh, right, the button is called something else here," and going back to fix something.
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