First time Solar CaK Full Disk 03 Dec 2023


POTN Refugee
4 Dec 2023
Ajman, UAE
Tareq Alhamrani
Image Editing
Hi all,

Today i decided to return back to astrophotography and i chose to start with solar imaging, i received my new mount Skywatcher AZ-GTi so i was so excited, and i wanted to test my new Quark which I've got last year, but the focus didn't work and i didn't want to waste time so i moved to CaK and WOW, i am speechless!!!

Here is my first ever image with true CaK if i can say that, please be gentle with me


Skywatcher StarTravel 80 stopped down to something 40mm, Lunt CaK B1200, ZWO ASI174MM, SW AZ-GTi
Firecapture>>> Autostakkert >>> 50% of 5859 frames 1min video processed with Registax >>> Photoshop [Crop, Resize, sharpening, colorize,...etc]
Very nice shot, we are at the top of cycle 25 so a great time for CaK. I have the Lunt CaK module as well as my Quark. Using a Skywatcher EQ6-R

I do have a Quark also, i failed to focus with it, but i managed to fix that today but faced another issues i will deal with later, i do have Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 but that is too much, and i won't carry it all the way upstairs to bedrooms at all.
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