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5 Nov 2023
Registered members are allowed to view the Glamour and Nude forum. However, they can only post in it until they have posted on the forum at least 200 times AND have been a member for at least 3 months.

Members who do not meet these criteria but still wish to post images can apply for early access to Fine Art G&N. The protocal for Early Access can be found here.

Fine Art Glamour and Nude Forum Rules:

1. Models must be over 18. No exceptions.
2. No full frontal view of uncovered labia, no full frontal spreads, even if covered by a piece of cloth.
3. In case of male models: no testicles, no penis, erect or otherwise.
4. No pornography or pornographic types of photos,
5. meaning, no images that are highly sexualised and are aimed to arouse.
6. Post tasteful images. If you are not sure if your image is tasteful it most likely isn't, so don't post it.
7. No depiction of violence or brutality, no gore.
8. Comments must be related to photography such as techniques used and execution (poses, lighting, composition, etc.).
9. No personal comments about the models or their photographers. Any discussions about models should be limited to skills involved, such as posing, facial expressions, etc.
10. Keep your language professional (women don’t have boobs, they have breasts). No sexual remarks, no juvenile remarks.
11. Discussion is encouraged and preferred over one-line comments. If you have nothing better to say than “that’s hot”, don’t say it, just press the Like button. Plus, it should be understood from the above rules that such a remark would violate the rules.
12. Don’t use the sad faced smiley as a negative comment. It is the equivalent of saying “I don’t like it” without any explanation or clarification. It adds nothing and is only hurtful to the photographer.

Please understand that we expect photographs posted in the Fine Art Glamour and Nude forum to show signs of attention to setting, lights, pose, clothes, make-up, hair. And we expect the photographers to do better than a woman sitting on the floor in her underwear with her legs spread, or someone on all fours, bottoms up.
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