Do you have photos of Statues?

Dick Tracy, comic crime fighting detective. Very large bronze statue on Naperville's Riverwalk in Illinois, USA. Local political cartoonist Dick Locher took over the Dick Tracy duties in the 1980's and through the early 2000's. What was little known was that Dick's son John, an artistic genius in his own right, was really doing most of the work on the strip until John died in the late 1980's. I met John once or twice as he was bringing the large hand-drawn strips to my business' next door neighbor, Kwik Kopy for world-wide distribution. He was barely 20 years old. He could, in one minute, do a detailed charcoal drawing of anyone.


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He was far ahead of his time with a watch like that. Who would have ever thought that we could do so many things with a watch.
I was driving in Manhattan and noticed the guy on the edge of building and had to turn around and get a couple of shots

20240523-IMG_3569 by Garagespec, on Flickr

20240523-IMG_3570 by Garagespec, on Flickr
Something made me take this shot nearly 20 years ago in Chapel St Melbourne, at the time I thought the birds might have been some sort of WWII souvenir (one of a pair)
but doing a bit of digging, appears quite a bit older. Prahran Arcade photos from the late 1880's clearly show the Eagles proudly displayed so not sure when they were originally made.

Glad to see the site has been renovated since my last visit, but I still love the print hanging in our lounge of the bird with the peeling paint & weathered look.
Figure it fits in the statues thread...

Statue of famed comedian Victoria Wood in her home town, Bury, UK. She died six years ago, aged just 63. The flowers had been added by a fan, as it would have been Victoria's birthday recently.
The statue of comedian Victoria Wood in her home town was knocked down when a taxi collided with it the other night. I took these today. It's rather sad. Thought FoP members might be interested.

Berlin, Wilhelmstraße.

The Georg Elser memorial is a sculpture in Berlin's Mitte district in memory of the German Hitler assassin and resistance fighter against National Socialism Georg Elser. After his failed bomb attack in Munich's B√ľrgerbr√§ukeller on 8 November 1939, Elser was interned as a "special prisoner of the F√ľhrer" and murdered in Dachau concentration camp in 1945 shortly before the end of the war on Hitler's orders.
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