Cycling photos here

Back on POTN there was a general thread for posting cycling photos. Let's start one here :)

Finally! Glad you started this thread. I would have eventually too, maybe. So I've got some (lots, actually). I'll begin with one of my favorites. Local Criterium and 10-day points race series. Right at Ya (I didn't get run over, but almost).

Canon 5D3, Canon 70-200 L IS @ 121mm, f/8, 1/400, iso 320
My m4/3 cameras are fabulous for taking bike riding. One comes with me pretty much every ride. This is me, I gave my camera to one of the kids waiting for the old b@$t@rd to crash, he snapped off a couple of shots :)

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Ah-hah 🤩
Another m4/3 + bicycle member 🤩🤩

Please take a look at my restarted thread about those two lovely combos here:

It includes a fun challenge, so if you're up for a cycling + photo challenge, join in 😁👍
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