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In the USA I've never heard of the Glue Destruction System, but apparently it is in use in the UK, it sounds quite interesting. What that guard is carrying is a cashbox, in the USA it would be one of the bags that the armored car guards use to deliver or pickup cash and checks from businesses, with a twist.
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New glue technology developed by security firm G4S is playing a vital role in tackling cash-in-transit (CIT) crime. It was most recently used in the detection and conviction of two CIT criminals in London, who were sentenced at the Old Bailey after a cash theft at a Lloyds TSB branch in South London. It is the first time there has been a successful conviction of a CIT crime where glue technology has been used, a system that is built into cash boxes to bind and prevent use of the contents. The technology is the very latest to be used by the security industry to tackle crime in the UK. It works by releasing a glue substance inside the cashbox when someone tries to open it. Should the person try to recover the notes, the process will cause them to delaminate, rendering the bank notes in the cashbox completely unusable and of absolutely no gain to the perpetrator. The glue also contains existing technologies in dye, which stains the notes, and SmartWater, a forensic solution invisible to the naked eye but detectable under UV light. The DNA-style code within SmartWater stays on the person that has breached the cashbox for up to six months and will link the individual to a specific attack. The solution has a 100 per cent conviction rate when used as evidence in criminal cases.
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