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Nice - I like the name TinyGrab Screen Shot 12-10-23, 8.27.25 PM.png better than your real name:woot: Also, in the Name section of your ID (second up from the bottom) a "J" somehow snuck in there:unsure:


If you are going to do that more and in studio, I would suggest getting the external power adapter. The USB cable in RP charges the battery only when the camera is turned off.
Thank you, I didn't know that. Here was my first attempt at stacking but it was with a Canon T8i.gear.jpg
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I recently puchased an RP on eBay (Marktplaats for the Dutch readers).
On my DSLR's I can check the shuttercount with various tools.
None of these tools work on my RP.

Then I came across this Youtube clip:
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And that did the trick for me.
Click 'more' in the descriptions to see all the needed info.

I prepared a 32GB SDHC card, inserted the SDHC into the RP, took a photo, ran the script, shut off the RP, wait a few seconds extra to be on the safe side, ejected the SDHC and checked the contents on a laptop.
The photo was named IMG_1358.CR3 and the CAM_INFO.XML showed <TotalShoot>1306</TotalShoot>.
Close enough for me.

I tried to prepare the script on a bigger SDHC card but EOSCard showed a grayed out 'Script' option.
Even on elevated rights (Run as admin).
i'll jump in this thread....I agree in that the RP is underrated, but I will also backup that the battery life kinda sucks. I just got an EF/RF adapter for mine in, and I leave for Florida in a week, going to really start racking up some frames there

Corpse Flower @ ISO 3200 and its nice and clean, this camera does handle noise well

corpse flower blooming - augie by Geoff Anderson, on Flickr
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