Canon R8 Owners Unite! Share Photos and Discuss

Nov 21, 2023
Wiltshire, UK
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Hi, here's a thread to post our photographs from our Canon EOS R8 cameras.
I bought my R8 in June 2023 as an experiment or first foray into the Canon world of mirrorless.
I was a long term user of the 5DIII DSLR's and used a pair of them since they were new in both serious and professional guises. So here's a image of my R8 with a Meike drop in EF to RF adapter.

Please post your pictures of and from your Canon EOS R8
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I bought one during the refurb sale. But received with cracked view finder. Working with Canon on exchange. They are too slow.
If you only use EF glass with a EF to RF drop-in adapter, the clear filter effectively protects the open sensor from dust and damage when changing lenses. I leave my adapter permanently attached to my R8 and I've trained my muscle memory to only remove the EF lens and not the adapter from the camera.

I have two different adapters that I use with my R6ii. Another drop in adapter and a (filterless) control ring adapter. I use the control ring adapter purely with my EF 400mm f2.8 LIS II, which has it's own drop in filter. I don't want to use two drop in filters with that lens. I don't tend to use the big 400/2.8 with my R8 because the camera is so small and the battery really isn't up to driving the AF and IS on such a big lens. My R6ii is much better suited to the bigger white prime lenses than the R8. Anything with an optical IS unit munches through the R8's battery at an alarming rate. The newest batch of mirrorless camera bodies seem to leave the optical IS units of a lens permanantly engaged, which just eats through the R8's wee little battery rather fast. Bigger the lens...the quicker it burns through the mA/h rating.
I missed the Canon refurb sale for $999 R8's, hope to get lucky & find one at that price next time Canon has a sale
Received replacement camera. Posted these in lens thread. Not really artistic, just simple pictures taken during vacation.

Mississippi river at Vicksburg,MS
R8 70mm f/13 1/60 ISO100


R8 39mm f/8 1/125 ISO800
Took a walk around Vancouver Lake -- a couple shots from that walk.

Great egret perched on a branch. There were quite a few more of them in the creek below so thought it was cool seeing this one perched over all of the others. The other is a silhouette of a bald eagle. I saw a couple while on my walk, but felt impossible to get a properly exposed shot since I had to shoot up towards it.
Just picked up my new R8 yesterday, with kit 24-50 lens and an adapter. I'm making the enormous leap from a Rebel T3i. Holy Moley, I am suffering from tech shock. I went out today and took a few pictures to make sure it was working. I haven't even read the manual yet and it shows, wow does it show. Image 0001, SOOC, with the kit lens at 24 and using auto everything LOL, gusty winds.

IMG_0001 by *dxd*, on Flickr
Tonight's Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg SFB.
Shot with EOS R8 + Mount Adapter EF-EOS R + Extender EF 1.4x II + EF 300mm 1:4 L IS.

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Coopers Hawk sitting on telephone wires while looking for dinner.

Shot with EOS R8 + Mount Adapter EF-EOS R + Extender EF 1.4x II + EF 300mm 1:4 L IS.

Coopers Hawk by Bob, on Flickr
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