Canon Printer Recommendations Please


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23 Nov 2023
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My old faithful Canon Printer iP6600D is now at its' end - it produced great quality photos, which I sold, and was simple to operate.

I am looking for a similar Canon Printer (only) to replace it. I don't want an all-in-one, or a wireless, just c simple USB connection or capable of a USB connection.
I'd appreciate any recommendations in my search for a replacement. Thank you!
I have a Pixma Pro-200, which I love. Does up to 13 x 19 prints pretty quickly. USB, but also wireless or network.
The first two questions are: what size do you need, and do you need archival quality?

The Pixma Pro 200 is an excellent printer if 13 x 19 is sufficient and you don't need archival quality. However, they use dye-based rather than pigment-based inks, so the prints are not archival. I've used two Canon dye photo printers, and while the prints were beautiful, they weren't durable enough to sell, IMHO. The closest Canon pigment-ink equivalent is the Prograf Pro 300. I use a Prograf Pro 1000, which is similar to the 300 except that it can handle up to 17 x 22, and I think it has one additional ink. The prints are great and archival, but there are the usual drawbacks of pigment ink. To avoid clogs, you have to print reasonably often, and the printer goes through a lot of expensive ink doing its routine self-cleaning.
Previous questions are good ones, what size? archival? and I would add what budget. I use to have the Pixma Pro 200 and it was a very solid printer. I recently gave it to my DIL and she still uses it today. Might also want to check out Canon black Friday specials. Looks like thay have several deals available.

scroll down to the printer section.
I too am on the market for a high quality printer. Will likely get the Prograf 1000 but have a feeling an update may be coming. No evidence, but what’s Canon been up to lately???

Was going to buy last year but moved to Taiwan and didn’t feel like shipping that heavy monster.
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