Canon 5DMkIi mirrorless equivalent?

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26 Nov 2023
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Once upon a time, I used to shoot the most spectacular milky way widefields with a 5DMKII (full frame) and a 16-35L on a tripod.

That rig is long gone and likely totally superseded by many times superior cameras.

If I was to get back into it, what would I be looking for today? DSLR again? Mirrorless?

7D2 DSLR is very good for longer exposures, ie 30 seconds. As you increase exposure time from 30 seconds, it gets even better.
Many used 6D for astro but they did not know the 7D2 was better.
Convenient as a 7D2 used will be cheap!

Circa 2022, the top digital cameras for which I have measurements for are the Canon EOS 90D APS-C DSLR Camera the Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera.` The higher megapixel count of these cameras have impressive low level uniformity, low dark current, and excellent dark current suppression technology. The small pixels give more detail on a subject using quality lenses.

Previous to 2021, the top low light camera where we had measurements of dark current calibrated in electrons and as a function of temperature was the Canon 7D Mark II but is not eclipsed by the 90D and R5. There may well be better camera out there, but show me the data.
DSLR technology is on the way out. It's as good as mirrorless for many types of shooting, but not as good for others. The only reason I can see for buying into the DSLR format now is to save money. There are great deals on used DSLR equipment.

The successors to the 5DII were the 5D III and 5D IV, both of which are superb cameras, and the III is a very big step up from the II. So if you were satisfied with the II for your particular uses, you might look at those. I think the IV is still sold new, but there should be good used prices. The mirrorless successors to the 5D series are the R6 (now version II), and the R5 (with version II about to come out). However, depending on what you shoot, there could be many more good options, so maybe you should describe
what shooting you want to do.
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