Battery change intervals


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6 Dec 2023
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They used to tell us: Change all the batteries in your home every December.

That must have been back when there were only a couple of battery-powered devices in the average home.

These days, changing all your batteries every December might substantially eat into your Christmas celebration budget.
I used to change the batteries in my carbon monoxide and smoke detectors every time we changed to/from Daylight Savings Time. Now all of them have batteries that last for years.

The batteries I change most often these days are the little button batteries for my garage door openers, Sony camera remote, and car key fobs.
Some years back I bought a cheap remote for my Canon cameras that used replacement batteries costing more than the initial purchase of the remote.
They used to tell us: Change all the batteries in your home every December.
That's the battery lobby for you.

Batteries cost a lot to change out. I will only do it if they are broke or giving greatly inferior service. 3 laptops, 2 electric cars, 2 phones, tablet - those can't be changed out easily or cheaply, and I hope I never have to. Most all our other devices that use standard size batteries have been converted to using rechargeable batteries. Wife just bought an electric bicycle, with a honk'n huge battery. We'll see how that ages.
I only change when they fail and with UPS batteries, it's almost more cost effective to buy a new UPS. Our Officemax or Office Depot, whatever they call them selves now, have some decent APC UPSes on sale about twice a year.
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