And yet another POTN invited by Sam.

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25 Nov 2023
Image Editing
Hello FOP,

Here is another POTN member who got invided by Sam to join FOP.
POTN was/is my source for information and inspiration.
The members really educated me to the level that I am now at.
I am sure this will continue here on FOP.
And I will contribute to FOP as I did on POTN.

Who am I ?
A very enthousiastic amateur living in The Netherlands.
Mostly a weekend warrior alongside the sports fields shooting soccer, futsal, volleybal.
But also shooting events and concerts.

With what ?
Coming from an analog Canon EF starting digital with a Nikon 995 then a Canon 400D (Rebel XTi) -> 50D -> 7D -> 1D3 -> 1D4 ->1Dx.
Recently expanded by a 5Dsr and EOS RP.
And a couple of lenses to properly get the light in.
I also have a FujiFilm X-T4 which came on my path very cheep, and a Lytro Illum because I am a nerd/geek who loves tech stuff.
During the COVID-19 epidemic I expanded a liitle bit sideways with a Kandao QooCam 4K and a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

But Why ?
I love the proces of taking the picture. Having the right tool for the specific situation and figuring out the most optimal settings for that time of day (available light).
Being an IT guy my natural instict, so to speak, is taking a technically perfect picture and then focus on the emotion/composition.
The last couple of years I tend to move to composition - emotion - technical aspect.
And more people are asking me if I can make video's as well hence the BMPCC4K and as a smaller package the RP.

Future ?
Short term; I count on the mirrorless world to explode so I can buy the greatest DSLR and top lenses for almost nothing.
Long term; Medium format maybe ? But I think that software based (machine learning / AI) imaging is the way we are going.
The physical aspect of capturing light on a lightsensitive surface is reaching it's peak.
The proces of manipulating that Raw input to a picture will be the way to go.
Now we have a SmartPhone with powerfull camera's (plural !) and we have mirrorless camera's. Those devices will merge in a future device we have not thougth of yet.
Imagine me with my Canon EF talking to my future self who is holding the latest SmartPhone. I would blow myself away. Extrapolate that 10 years from now.
Picking up your device and taking a picture will always be technically perfect putting more focus on composition and expression.

But for the present I will contribute to FOP the best way I can.
Welcome to Focus, glad you decided to join. I think you'll find Focus a comfortable place to share and chat.
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